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Phantom Recovery LLC is your one stop shop for your collateral recovery needs. We are here when you need us, every step of the way. Family owned and operated, we are based in Southern Wisconsin.

 Every account is worked diligently from time of order acceptance until the final disposition of collateral. We skip trace every account immediately upon acceptance,  to help us recover your collateral as quickly as possible. Our skip trace team is second to none, we do not give up, we will find your debtor.  All of our drivers and office staff are C.A.R.S. certified. We use the latest technology, RDN, IREPO, Clearplan, etc.

Privacy, Confidentiality, and Compliance are key factors to our success. Any and all information received or discovered is always kept secure and confidential. Debtors privacy is always stressed and maintained. We strictly follow the FDCPA,  Dodd-Frank Act, GLBA, SCRA, ADA, TRPPA,  along with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.  


Ph: 608-247-1488

Fax: 888-788-4945

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